Bunny Headband

With Easter right around the corner- I am excited to share the cute crafts and activities that Funshine Express has included in their monthly curriculum kit.

I love the varied crafts- they are adorable. I also love as I read the monthly curriculum guide they suggest simple prompts to get these little ones talking and connecting to the theme and topic for the day. When we were making these headbands, I remember Funshine Express suggesting to have them touch the fluffy tail we were adding to our headband. (it was really soft and furry). Having a real bunny would have been the best activity- but second best was touching this fluffy tail and talk about bunnies and their fur.

These headbands were a big hit!
Last week was Spring Break in our area- and as luck would have it- I sprained my back!
The full week I was out of commission!
I texted my parents last Friday- warning that we might not have preschool THIS week while I recovered. If I had to do a lot of prep and leg work- we would not have had preschool today.
But I woke up.
Felt like I could handle the few hours.
Just another day- I was so grateful to have Funshine Express monthly curriculum.

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