Letter Activities

Another element of my Funshine Express monthly curriculum kit- are the monthly letters cards.
There are lots of creative ways to use these cards.
I've shared this game with the alligator before... we sit around in a circle and chant...

Alligator, alligator
down my the lake....
(name a child) is going to reach in and
see what you ate!

Then the child named, reaches in and pulls out one of the little picture cards. They then place the card next to the letter it matches.

Last month we started a new activity with these letter cards. I bought some magnetic letters from the dollar store.

At this station, little ones can pick a picture and match the letters to spell the object.

I love how versatile the supplies are in Funshine Express' curriculum kit! There is no limit to the activities you can create around these sturdy and durable supplies! I can use them over and over again for countless activities.

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