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Literacy tool box- she won a free copy of The Chocolate Touch for her book club! {Click HERE to see our free Chocolate Touch book club outline.}

{click on HERE} to read her ideas about starting a Father/Son Book club!
There are so many benefits to adding fathers to a boys book club.
Boys will thrive as they pair up with strong reading role models, be it a father, big brother, Uncle, or Grandfather.

My oldest is a teenager now- and I have noticed our relationship changing.
Where once I was the center of his universe/ his confidant/ his comforter... now he waits until dad comes home from work to relate the events of the day. To talk things over with his dad. I'll admit- growing up as a boy... is different than growing up as a girl.

(For example - Did you know getting your pants pulled down at recess is a common prank boys do to each other? A few years ago my boys asked (at the dinner table) to switch from tighty-whitey underwear... to boxers because it happens less if you wear boxers. I was mortified when I heard this goes on! I was ready to storm the school office and demand this be put to a stop. But my husband shrugged his shoulders and said in a ho-hum manner, "It happens... just buy boxers". I was traumatized for the next week... at the thought... what if I had to go through out my day- worried someone would try to pull my pants down? It would be hard to focus on school work much less anything else.)

That was bit of a tangent- but just one small example of how growing up a girl is different than a boy.

GUYS READ. com is also a big promoter of male role models in reading and encouraging men to step up. There actually might be a GuysRead program in your area. You can check out his site to see.

Some guys might be hessitant to be a reading role model- maybe they are not the best reader themselves? I'll admit, it wasn't until I was a mom that I felt comfortable reading aloud. I remember thinking... "gee I am glad kids start as babies- and enjoy baby books first." It is a talent that I am still working on. (My kids get frustrated because I can only read a chapter or two - before my mouth gets dry and I have a sore throat.)

If you worry about that- then practice the book first.
We all read aloud better -when we are familiar with the story.
Read the picture book to yourself first... while your son is brushing his teeth... and getting pajamas on ... and then read it aloud together.

Talk about building memories your kids will treasure their lifetime!
My husband doesn't read stories at night- but he tells the kids stories from his childhood.
I think that is a great idea too. (And a different talent- Story telling).

Great job Literacy Tool Box for sharing the idea of a Father & Son book club!

If you have any reading tips and ideas please email me at Bookclub4boys(at)yahoo.com. I'll share them on the site!

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T said...

oh my... I'm not laughing AT you - but relating, totally. Had to buy boxers for all of my boys too and just rolled my eyes at ManOfTheHouse when he laughed about it!

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