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Hey Round UP-
Halloween is around the corner- and I have to share a book I just picked up.

(Not that you would want the movie too-- but I always get a little giddy when there is a video that goes along with the book. You can read HERE- why I love movies so much to help reluctant readers connect to books.)

It's a classic who-done-it, that takes place around Halloween!
I picked it up because of the rave reviews on Amazon- and I love a good mystery!

If you like the game Clue- this story is full of characters -all heirs and suspects in the mysterious murder of the rich Mr. Westing. For the one who solves the mystery- a $20 million reward!

I am currently reading it- so I can't give you a full review.. but
I am thinking I'll start reading it aloud to my boys at night.
It is so good-

I found an adorable site HERE created by students that really picks apart this book and all the characters.

Now if you have younger kids and are looking for a Halloween Story time idea.
(Here is a past post- for this age group- click HERE)

and here are some additional Halloween Story book favorites in our bookcase.

and lastly this is not necessarily a BOY book recommendation- but one of my favorite all time series when I was little is Something Queer... by Elizabeth Levy. Your library might still have these books.

The Illustrations were done by Mordicai Gerstein who was a cartoonist-- and every picture he gives little pop out windows with close ups and such.. they really added interest and dimension to the story, for this reluctant reader growing up.

It's an older series-- of mysteries-- for beginning readers transitioning to independent readers.

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