Pete's a Pizza Story Time

My oldest son is hosting another story time for his youngest brother.
(He is a Boy Scout working on his READING Merit Badge.)

These are the books I've pulled from our library and our local library for this story time.

I was trying to find- easy to read aloud stories for my 14 year old.

( I don't want HIM to get bogged down with alot of written words, while reading aloud. He has a low attention span too.)

I figured if I pull a selection of books- he can look them over and pick the ones he wants to read. These all have the under lying theme of feelings (specifically anger or disappointment) and how different people (animals) deal with those feelings.

This is a silly and fun book. (easy to read aloud) about a boy, Pete, who is grumpy that it is raining...and he can't play outside with friends. His dad decides to make him into a pizza.

(For our activity: each boy got to make his own mini pizza.)

Poor poor llama is grocery shopping with his mama- but he is done. When he throws a tantrum in the shopping card, patient mama helps him cool down. (I am sure none of our little guys can relate to this! LOL)

Our boys love dinosaurs- and this one is about a mine-o-saur. Who never shares his toys. But when he realizes... all he really wants are friends, he's willing to share.
There are so many benefits to having my oldest son be the reader at Story Time. (Besides building his own reading and reading aloud skills.) He's building a bond with his younger brother.
He's a positive role model for these little guys and helping them enjoy books.
And building self esteem in his younger brother.
Can't you just see- he feels like a million bucks that his cool BIG brother wants to do "book club" with him~!

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