Way Cool!

I don't know if you know this about me--

but I am a BIG FAN of

Tshirts for Book Clubs!

I think it helps with the "Club" feel and unity.

The boys have a sense of... "yeah.. I'm in a club... and it's cool! even if it is a book club"

I've made them....

We've made them... as a club activity....

I've designed them and had them made in the past....

But I think this year...

I think this year... I am just going to buy them.

Can you see how adorable -- (scratch that-)

I mean... HOW COOL these shirts are???

I feel very lucky that BOTH my middle sons (ages 8 and 11)- have picked Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules for their book club. (Means a little less work for me.)

So we are grouping their clubs together and will go see the movie together. (It comes out in theaters in March!)

There is plenty of time-- to pick up copies of this book-- and organize a book club for your boy!
(and trust me: Movie/Book clubs are easy- peasy! Have the kids read the book, take them to the movie. Simple!)

Won't we be a sight to see... trooping into the theater-- all those boys in Book Club T-shirts!

I'm sorry- that shirt is just adorable.
So stop thinking about it and-- go and Do!

and if you host book clubs...
email me at bookclub4boys(at)yahoo.com and share what books YOUR club has enjoyed!

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