Fresh Frog Idea

I did a Frog Story time last year-
You can see my ideas here

I just had to share this adorable
activity my sister shared on her blog-
with frogs and flies (or raisins in this case)

You can read about her "friends preschool" group on her site : HERE

Some of her other ideas-
Include playing "Hop Froggy" - which is a modified version of the game Hot Potato and a stuffed animal frog.

Also- letting the kids pretend to jump from lily pads , by placing pillows on the floor for them to hop to and from.

There is a really cute series of books about a little frog.

This book just happens to be about when Froggy Learns to Swim, but they have seasonal ones and ones about Going to School and being friends and such. My son likes them, because they have parts where I have to come up with sound effects. (Like zippers zipping and him hopping, etc.. )

They are cute- curl up together and - read aloud books.

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