Last HURRAH to Summer!

School is sneaking up on us- here in Utah. I know some places have already started!
We thought we would sneak in, one last adventure.
We also have a wedding to attend- so.. ROAD TRIP!
(Seems like EVERYONE is trying to sneak in one last Hurrah! lol)
When I was grabbing power-aids at walmart for our trip (they were on sale- 56 cents each!) I noticed the lady in front of me so frazzled as she tried to wrangle her small children and unload her cart.

I offered to help. (I've been there - done that with my four boys.)
Naturally we started chatting.
She told me how she was stocking up on her preschool supplies and trying to get everything ready for school. (She teaches preschool at a facility) She said, it's nice because she has a budget- but naturally she usually ends up paying out of pocket for supplies too.
I couldn't help but compare our two situations. I start preschool in a few weeks too. But instead of being stressed and frazzled- I am sneaking off for one last, quick vacation with my family.
Why and how do I feel calm- when we are both starting preschool at the same time?  I realized it's because I ordered FUNSHINE EXPRESS. I don't have to worry about buying all my craft supplies. Do I have the pom-poms for that craft? Did I get enough google eyes to last a few months? etc.. etc..
The running back and forth to the store because I forgot something.
WHEW! I am so glad. Life is too short and kids grow so fast. I of course told her about Funshine.
I hope this tip helps you- if you plan on teaching preschool. It does cost $$- but you are going to be spending money on preschool supplies- anyway! (Why not save yourself time and stress?)
Anyway- just thought I would share. Hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of summer!

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