Weather Frog/ Froggy Series by Jonathan London

This is another item I requested from FUNSHINE EXPRESS.
When I was in preschool- the weather bear at my school was my FAVORITE job!
I loved dressing him in his many cute different outfits.

I am debating on what to do with this little guy. Do I simply mount him on a poster board?  I am tempted to mount him on wood (and cut around him) to make him more easily manipulated. (less 2 dimentional.)

I like to hold things. (I am a tactile learner.) So... touching, holding, manipulating things really stimulate my own brain-  I really try to think about all the different types of learning styles when I plan my preschool activities.

It's using all the senses to teach- the children's sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. And for this activity- if everything is flimsy paper- velcroed onto poster board... that could become mundane... but if this frog has some weight to it... instead of this being a "paper-to-paper" activity- it is more stimulating... something they are really interacting with.

Have you wondered why some kids- touch something once and then are done with the activity, while other activities last longer? I think if I simply mount this guy to poster board (the velcro is cool) but I think it is something they will just slap-together, instead of perking their interest and holding their attention and creativity... (We've really got to dress this frog for the weather- he's naked!) lol.

There is a cute book series by Jonathan London that I plan to co-ordinate with this activity. He has written lots of books with this little frog character- he goes to school, he bakes a cake, he learns to swim, he goes to bed, etc... my sons always enjoyed the silly sound effects- the reader is prompted to say as he hops around- flop-flop-flop... etc. It is a really cute series.

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PragmaticMom said...

I love the idea of mounting the bear on wood to make it 3D! Wjat a great idea!

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