Large motor: Nice to Meet YOU!

Funshine Express monthly curriculum kits-- honestly they are such a time saver.
My group is a "Kindergarten Prep" class. Some of my kids are old enough for kindergarten, but their parents don't feel like they are quite ready yet. Some of my students attend kindergarten in the afternoon- after our Kindergarten Prep class. (Their parents feel like, they could really use the reinforcement.) Then I have a  few children, who are on track and will go to kindergarten next fall. It is a great mix.

One of my parents complimented me on the quality and quantity of work we do in our preschool day. Her child LOVES preschool and talks about it all the time.

I know I am a good teacher. But honestly for the amount of time I prep and plan- I know I can't take all the credit.  Funshine Express is such a well rounded program. They think of all the details and inspire me! They will suggest something- and it is such a great foundation- I can use their ideas/plans word-for-word, or I can tweak and modify to add my own touch to activities.

Regardless- I know every preschool day will be wonderful!

Here is another fun Large Motor activity: Nice to Meet You!
Funshine suggested using hula hoops for this activity- but I don't have hula hoops.
So I modified an earlier game we used with chairs and music.
When the music stops- the kids sit on the chairs, two to a chair and they shake hands, introduce themselves and the other replies, "Nice to meet you, Neighbor!"

Then we turned the music on again and they kept playing- except they had to find a new partner with each turn. We played this again and again... until most the children were picked up. You know that is a great game- when they want to play to the bitter end!

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