Pumpkin Activities!

We  talked about pumpkins today.
Funshine Express has so many great activities and suggestions for this theme.
 Here are few pictures-
 I read a book called Pumpkin Pumpkin, that talks about the growing cycle of pumpkins to introduce our activity. Funshine had a great suggestion in their Curriculum Guide for science exploration: exploring a pumpkin.  You might think that is really basic. Maybe not even worth it's time as an activity/ or mess.

As I was cutting the top off, I asked, "What do you think is inside?" One little girl, sincerely  asked hopeful "Candy?"
 Other kids quickly jumped in, "NOOooooo SEEDS!"

Everyone agreed candy would be awesome. But it made me realize-- you really can't skip the base of the basics with these little ones. Especially in this day and age - where more things are virtual and less and less is actually hands on learning... with real objects.

Everyone got to reach in and grab a handful of seeds/pulp goo.
Then each child counted how many seeds were in their handful.
Then we grafted our results.

We then did the "Pumpkin Patch" craft supplied in my Funshine Express monthly curriculum kit.
Funshine had the words for a cute song, "I'm a little pumpkin" (sung to I'm a little tea pot) and even a Movers and shakers idea for our wiggle time using smaller pumpkins.
Another fun day at preschool.

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