Literacy Paper Name Puzzle

This is a fun game that all my preschoolers enjoy.

Funshine Express suggested writing- one letter on an index card, spelling each child's name. Then stack each letter in the child's name and let them unscramble the letters to spell their names.
(I hated to use full index cards, so I just cut card stock into squares and modified the activity.) I put each puzzle in a separate baggy for each child.

That activity- inspired this additional game.
I wrote their names on yellow papers and orange paper.
I cut the orange paper into squares.
We then take turns - turning over orange squares and matching letters in their names. Letters not in their names, are discarded. (If the other person needs that letter they can pick it out of the discard pile and place on their name paper.)

It is a fun game too- one that helps them practice turn taking, as well as letter recognition.

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