Play dough Fun

Another fun day with PLAY DOUGH.
To be honest.. I cringe when I take out play dough. I don't know why- the children love it. (But I just envision it being smeared into my carpet.)

Today instead of our usual play dough toys, I pulled out some spatulas, rolling pins and cookie cutters. We worked on some "life skills".

Some made "cookies" others made "pancakes".

I was glad Funshine Express supplied a fool-proof play dough recipe. I have tried different play dough recipes off pinterest and other websites. (And the dough has been dry and crumbly.)

Have you ever been disappointed by pinterest?
Ever had an epic fail?
Not so great- when it happens on a preschool day.

THAT is ANOTHER reason I love Funshine Express.
Every activity, craft and recipe turns out. They don't set you up to fail.

If you find yourself in a preschool slump- I suggest you give a gift to yourself. Order a month of Funshine Express and see if it doesn't ease your work load and prep time? You in turn will have more time to just enjoy your preschool little ones and your family! :0)

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