Trains is a really cute theme for this month. Funshine Express is so clever! I paired up some cute activities they provided with the train theme along with two Christmas books.
Polar Express is a well known book, but one of our family favorites is
The Christmas Gift Of Aloha . It is a really cute story about an elf from the north pole- getting lost and finding himself in Hawaii. He finds that life in Hawaii is very different in some ways- (Their "snow" is warm, their trees are shaped different, etc.) Yet the Christmas spirit is the same- he meets some Hawaiian Menehune and help them with the Hawaiian toys and treats.
(There is a Candy Cane train in this story.)

This was a fun activity Funshine Express provided. During stations I worked one on one with little ones as we identified the letter, said the sound and then they practiced writing each letter.

These are the cute conductor hats we made. Funshine provided the paper and large paper bags. Again- I can't say how handy it is having Funshine Express monthly curriculum kids. The diversity of the crafts and the simple construction always makes crafts a favorite part of preschool- and I didn't have to make any extra trips to the store. It is so so so nice. Especially this month when life is so hectic- and I am running to and fro ( I am sure you can relate.) If you teach preschool- this is a WONDERFUL gift to give yourself. The gift of TIME. The gift of Peace of Mind. The Gift of already prepped crafts. I've said it before and I'll say it again it's like having the BEST teachers aid! I just love their program.

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