Ice Science Experiment

I know I usually post the cute crafts and hand-outs from Funshine Express- but today I want to share a simple- yet educational experiment.

I love that many of the supplies and activities suggested by Funshine Express are things I already have on hand!

Today they suggested putting ice in containers. (They suggested for this experiment three containers- all three with ice, one with salt added, one with sand added and one with only ice.)

We explored the idea of : Why do snow plows lay down sand on the roads or salt, and why people put salt on icy sidewalks.? Then kept an eye on the jars to see what would happen!

Very clever experiment!
I love all the thoughtful activities that Funshine Express includes in their monthly curriculum guide.

Okay- okay... I have to share a cute craft Funshine Express provided. It  was such a thoughtful ice burg craft.

I Googled and found pictures of Ice burgs.
The kids were able to see that often we only see the tip of the ice burg!
Painting with a mixture of karo syrup and glue- makes a cool texture on paper.
(The blue tissue paper represents the ocean water.)

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