Shape Manipulatives

Stations- I love using stations in my preschool. I think the kids enjoy it just as much. The challenge is rotating the items in stations so that preschool is refreshing and doesn't become stale.

I so appreciate the little activities that Funshine Express includes in their monthly curriculum kit. Some of them are predictable- we get a shape to trace every month- but it is a new/different shape! The kids look forward to this.

And no-- it's not complicated or fancy- these stencils are just on stiff cardboard type paper... and I punch the shapes out. It's a simple station to set up- but the kids are always excited to trace and draw using the new shape for the month!

It is so nice to have a few  (new) stations provided every month. It takes a little pressure off my mind knowing I don't have to think of a dozen new things to introduce each month... just a handful, because Funshine Express has got my back. lol

Disclaimer: I receive free monthly kits from Funshine Express in exchange for blogging about their curriculum. BUT- I contacted them for this opportunity, they did not contact me. I used Funshine Express for years, buying the monthly kits to use in my home base preschool while my sons were growing up and I truly love their product! The reviews are my true feelings for this product and not bought or paid for by the company.

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