Fizzle Paint Project

Is it a Science Project... or is it an Art Project?
A little bit of both- my kids really enjoyed this project suggested by Funshine Express today!

Funshine Express- suggested adding baking soda to our normal preschool paint. (This makes the paint a tad bit thicker- but kids didn't notice.)
Once they were done painting- I brought over cups with vinegar in them. Funshine Express supplied the droppers. The kids were thrilled- dropping vinegar on their pictures and seeing them bubble up!

One boy had painted a dragon- he was over the moon to see the fire from his dragons mouth- really boil up!

Who thinks this stuff up at Funshine Express? What a great idea, and so simple!

I love the many exploration projects, activities and crafts Funshine Express offers and suggests.
I mean, I love Pinterest- but I waste a lot of time getting lost on searches.

I love my Funshine Express Monthly Curriculum kit. It comes with all these simple- fail proof ideas!
I can't count how many times I have tried something seen on Pinterest- only to have it fail. So disappointing. I know I can count on the activities suggested in my monthly kit!

No plan B needed!

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