Olympics Added Theme

How could we NOT sneak in a
Winter Olympic Unit at Preschool?
This past week was so much fun!
(except for the day- I got hit with the 24 hr stomach flu.)

Here are some helpful handouts I used during our Winter Olympic Unit this pass week.

Cute handout on this site: For Olympic Flag/ Olympic Rings

Like I've said- I love how my Funshine Express Monthly Curriculum is so easy to modify!
For our writing activity- I just cut the letter R off the top of my Funshine worksheet. (They had "R- for Radio".) I replaced the color portion with an Olympic Flag worksheet. (R- for Olympic RINGS!) Simple! And soooo helpful!
I don't have to create everything... I just have to tweak what Funshine Express sends me in my monthly kit!

Cute winter FREE- Olympic print-ables (for preschoolers) on this site here

This was a really cute workbook to introduce the different Olympic sports.

Here is our Olympic torch.
We used it for a fun relay race: Passing the Olympic Torch!
(They were all on the same team. I timed them, and then we ran it again to see if they could beat their own team time.) Everyone felt like a winner!
We painted rings- using small cups.
And naturally-  today we made gold metals!
They cut out yellow circles. We stapled yarn for the necklace and then taped gold coins in the center.
It was such a fun week!

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