Cutting Activity

It is the end of the month- and I chose NOT to do one of the provided themes by my  Funshine Express monthly curriculum kit.

I really liked the first theme:Lion & Lamb/weather, and St. Patrick's day crafts. The second theme provided this month  was Ocean Adventure. The activities and crafts are adorable for this theme but- I decided to post-pone. (It is just so cold here! I want it to warm up a bit more before we go on our "Ocean Adventure".)

Thankfully- Funshine Express' monthly curriculum guide is always packed with a variety of activities to keep my preschoolers busy- even when I omit one theme!

One of the activities they suggested- was Is this Healthy?
First we cut out newspaper images of "food".
This lead to interesting discussions- what can you eat?

I am serious! These little ones are hilarious!
We decided you can put a lot of things in your mouth.(...they wanted to cut out buttons, bolts, etc.).. but that is not "food".
And there are plenty of things we EAT... (marshmallows, candy bars).. but that aren't necessarily good for us.

This was a great activity!
They each divided a piece of paper in half. One side we put a smile face and the other side a frown face. Each child got to pick their favorite foods to add to their papers.

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